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Children's TV show quiz - Palestine is all Israel

Host: “List three Palestinian ports.”
Adham (on phone): “Haifa, Ashdod and Gaza.” [Note: Haifa and Ashdod are in Israel.]
Host: “Your answer was correct. I’ll add a few, dear friends, we have the Jaffa port, Jaffa, Ashkelon, Ashdod and Gaza.” [Note: All Israeli cities except Gaza.]
Host: “What is the size of the State of Palestine?”
Haidar (on phone): “27,000 Sq. KM.” [Note: The size of the West Bank and Gaza is 6,220 sq km]
Host: “Bravo.”
Host: “Name three countries bordering Palestine.”
Muhammad (on phone): “That’s easy. Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt.” [Note: Only Israel borders Lebanon.]
Host: “The Palestinian borders overlook two important seas. What are their names?”
Lama (on phone): “The Mediterranean and the Red sea.” [Note: The Red sea borders Israel’s southern tip.]
Host: “Congratulations, your answer is correct.”
Host: “What’s the name of the only sweet water lake in Palestine?”
Ayyam (on phone): “The Tiberias Sea (i.e, Sea of Galilee).” [Note: Sea of Galilee is in Israel.]
Host: “Your answer is correct.”

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