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PA TV: Jews stole Kim Kardashian’s diamonds

Itamar Marcus  |
PA TV: Jews stole Kim Kardashian’s diamonds
“They are thieves”
by Itamar Marcus
Reality TV star Kim Kardashian
Reality TV star Kim Kardashian
PA TV took advantage of yesterday’s news update on the Kim Kardashian jewelry heist as an opportunity to spread Antisemitism.

An article in the Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot
on the arrest of 17 suspects in the well-publicized theft noted that the brains behind the robbery in Paris were two Algerian immigrants. It further mentioned that her driver and his brother, who are also suspects, are reportedly Jews. This reference was embraced by PA TV’s “Israeli affairs expert” as an opportunity to generalize that all Jews are "thieves.” 
PA TV chose not to mention that there were 15 non-Jewish suspects arrested. Nor did it mention or speculate about the religion of the two Algerian immigrants who were the masterminds behind the crime.  
Palestinian Media Watchhas documented that Antisemitic hate speech is fundamental to PA expression, including portraying Jews as enemies of Allah, descendants of monkeys and pigs, and allied with Satan.
PA TV's reporting demonstrates that Antisemitism is so fundamental to PA ideology that even a single mention of two Jews anywhere in the world in a negative context is all that is needed launch another PA Antisemitic rant.

The following is the statement by Fayez Abbas, "Israeli affairs expert" of official PA TV:       
“Jews who robbed singer (sic.) Kim Kardashian have been arrested. It turns out that they are Jews. That is what is written - it's not me who says they are thieves. That is written in [the Israeli daily] Yediot Aharonot, it's not from me. It says “Jews.” They are thieves. In other words - they steal lands here too, no? But the engagement ring worth $5 million could not be found. They did not find it. The Jews hid it and turned it into something else."
[Official PA TV program, Palestine This Morning, Jan. 11, 2017]
Click to view PMW’s 2015 report documenting the PA’s dissemination of Antisemitism.
For examples of PA Antisemitism documented subsequent to the publication of the report, click here.

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