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Girl’s poem idealizes Martyrdom, but PA TV host says “We need to live for Palestine”

Official PA TV program The Best Home

Girl: "[Jerusalem] will yet return as long as on its land a Martyr dies each day
O mother, do not cry, as your son was not born to live
He was born to die as a Martyr, and thus defeat the occupiers
Oh! Palestine Oh! My beloved
You cry over your children, your women, your Martyrs
But no! We will not fall and will not kneel!
We will live for you, for the words: 'Palestine will be free'
We will die and not kneel
If our death is for you, Palestine, we will not hold back
Our hunger for death is like our hunger for bread
The death for you, Palestine, is admirable
Palestine, I will redeem you with my spirit, my money, my family, and all of my belongings
I will live and I will die while repeating the words: 'Palestine will be free'."
PA TV host: "Bravo! You are very talented, but I say again to all our friends: We need to live for Palestine. We need to love life and cling to it, because Palestine is beautiful and it will be even more beautiful with our presence in it. Our struggle must be in a nice manner by continuing to grow and thinking about our future and living in hope, because the freedom of Palestine will be realized through us, through our thoughts and our creativity."
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