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Girl’s poem encourages violence and Martyrdom, praises prisoners and Martyrs: “Shoot, shoot, in the name of God… The path of the Martyrs is above all”

Official PA TV program The Best Home, on the terrorist prisoners’ hunger strike that began on April 17, 2017

Girl: "In the intifada of 2000 (i.e., PA terror campaign 2000-2005), the leaders were united.
The Elder of Palestine (i.e., Yasser Arafat) declared: [...] 
We will maintain our loyalty to the prisoners and exchange them for [Israeli] soldiers (i.e., kidnap-for-hostage-policy).
O Palestinian carrying a rifle: Shoot, shoot, in the name of God.
Shoot, shoot, in the name of God.
The path of the Martyrs is above all.
They have sacrificed the most precious of all so that we will see the oppressor retreating...
We have sacrificed Martyrs and prisoners.
O my country, we have not fulfilled our promise. 
The prisoners’ resolve and the Martyrdom-deaths of our heroes
are two symbols that we engrave on our hearts and palms.
When the flags of unity wave, they will call to the entire people."
(PA TV host): "Bravo, thank you very much." 

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