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Hamas animation mocks Israeli hostage Gilad Shalit

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |

Hamas TV animation:     
Gilad Shalit: “Mommy!” 
Hamas child: “Who is it, Gilad [Shalit]? [Laughing] Poor you! You've been rotting here for 3 years, and no one cares.” 
Gilad Shalit: “Please release me!” 
Hamas child: “Are you asking me to be a collaborator and a traitor, that I'll betray my people and my homeland? Are you crazy!” 
Gilad Shalit: “I have an idea: You [Hamas] go and capture more soldiers, they [Israelis] will be afraid and accept your terms to free me.” 
Hamas child: “Ah, they will free you not because they love you, but to prevent anxiety among your soldiers, so they won't be afraid, and stop their military service.” 
Gilad Shalit: “True.” 
Hamas child: “Gilad, stay here, and pray that [Hamas] succeeds in capturing another [soldier], so you'll be freed. Bye.” 
Gilad Shalit: “Mommy! Mommy! (in Hebrew) Free me!”

"Produced by the Children's Department, Al-Aqsa satellite channel."

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