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Fatah spokesman: Israel’s demand to disarm Hamas, following Fatah-Hamas unity talks, is “unacceptable, unrealistic, and impossible to implement”

    “Official Fatah Spokesman and [Fatah] Commissioner of Information, Culture, and Ideology Nasser Al-Qidwa reviewed the Israeli policy and the Israeli steps of escalation towards the members of our people… during a press conference that he convened yesterday [Nov. 7, 2017]…
In everything regarding the subject of [Hamas-Fatah] reconciliation, Al-Qidwa welcomed the steps that have been implemented until now… Regarding security, Al-Qidwa noted that a decision has been made on the subject, and that the security forces need to be under the full control of the [PA] government… In everything regarding the weapons of the factions, Al-Qidwa noted that these are known factions (such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and not organizations such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda –Ed.) He noted that there are different and perhaps conflicting approaches, such as the Israeli approach and the Palestinian approach. Regarding the Israeli approach, which impertinently interferes in order to sabotage the reconciliation and demands the disarmament [of Hamas], Al-Qidwa emphasized that this is unacceptable, unrealistic, and impossible to implement. He said that in general, disarmament will take place either through war or a political settlement, and noted that Israel has attempted war three times, and has not succeeded in disarming [Hamas]. Regarding a settlement, Al-Qidwa said that it is not on the horizon, and that if there will be initial signs of a settlement ‘we will talk about the subject when the time comes.’”
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