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PA TV host repeats libel: Israel “murders, imprisons, and tortures” Palestinian children, PLO official confirms libel agrees: Israel “executes” children

Official PA TV program Who is the Judge? on Israel's actions against Palestinian minors

Official PA TV host Walaa Al-Battat: "The occupation government (PA euphemism for Israel), which claims it is democratic and has won the support of some of the world's super powers, has built itself on the bodies of children, and it still murders, imprisons, and tortures them
with the most extreme types of torture..."
Director of PLO Commission of Prisoners' Affairs Issa Karake: "[Israel] is still going further and further with arrests of the [Palestinian] children - not just arrests, but also execution and murder. Children have been summarily executed. These are considered war crimes that the Israeli occupation government is committing. These children did not constitute any danger to the lives of the soldiers. Despite this, they were executed and live bullets were fired at them. This has occurred based on official decisions made by the Israeli government, which has decided that live bullets should be fired at what it calls 'the rock throwers,' and also decided to arrest the children and throw them into the prisons and impose heavy sentences against them (i.e., for throwing rocks at cars)."

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Use of firearms against those who throw rocks and firebombs - Following the violent events of September 2015 in which Palestinians threw rocks and firebombs at homes and cars in Jerusalem leading to deaths of Israelis, the use of Ruger .22-caliber rifles by the police was approved by Israel's General Attorney, Yehuda Weinstein, at the request of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Policemen are instructed to shoot only in life threatening situations and to aim at the rock throwers’ legs.

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