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PA Intifada style libel: Israeli soldiers demonized as murdering kids in cold blood

Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |

A recent broadcast on official PA TV brought back memories of video libels the PA aired during the PA terror campaign – the second Intifada – from 2000-2005. Then the PA was actively promoting terror, and depicting Israelis as cruel murderers was part of their incitement program.

Recently official PA TV broadcast a scene from the film “Checkpoint” by Palestinian director Omar Rammal, which PA TV described as being about “the suffering of the Palestinians due to the occupation’s checkpoints.” The excerpt shown demonizes Israeli soldiers as heartless killers who murder for no reason. A Palestinian family wants to go through an Israeli checkpoint to “take the kids to the amusement park,” but the Israeli commander tells them the road is closed. While they talk, another soldier is seen aiming his rifle at two children with their backs turned. Gun shots are heard, and the next scene shows one child shot and lying on the ground – murdered in cold blood.

That’s the video libel. That’s fiction that has never happened. What’s worse is the fact that the host of official PA TV endorses it as fact, saying “it reflects the reality of the Palestinians’ lives”:

Palestinian father: “We want to take the kids to the amusement park. They are driving us crazy at home.”

Israeli Commander: “The road is closed on the officers’ orders.”

Man: “You have a bit of power and you occupied [our land], and now you want to bother us.”

Father: “Quiet, it’s not worth having them shoot you. We want to take the kids to the amusement park.”

Visual: One of the soldiers shoots one of the children.

Father:  “Call an ambulance!”

Commander: “Ambulance!”

Official PA TV host: “This is a difficult scene from the film, but it reflects the reality of the Palestinians’ lives.”

[Official PA TV, Palestine This Morning, Dec. 29, 2021]

During the PA terror campaign from 2000- 2005, the PA regularly broadcast fabricated video libels showing Israeli soldiers murdering Palestinian children for no reason, just because they could. One such video showed an Israeli soldier shooting at Palestinian kids playing football:

Another video implied that Israel murders school kids, showing fewer and fewer of them passing through an Israeli checkpoint on their way to class, which gradually becomes empty while a graveyard fills up with their fresh graves.

Yet another video shows soldiers shooting a youth in an orchard while another has joined footage of an Israeli helicopter and the sound of gunshots with footage of a child running and falling to the ground – indicating that the Israelis shot and and murdered the child.

In another fabricated video, broadcast long after the Intifada ended, footage of a tank aiming at something had been joined together with footage of a child running, making it look as if the tank was deliberately targeting the fleeing child:

Unfortunately the PA has continued to disseminate these libels and others, telling Palestinians that Israelis want to harm them, destroy them, and kill them. Especially children are warned that Israel is out to get them. Palestinian Media Watch has exposed that the popular host of children’s programs on official PA TV, Walaa Al-Batat, told viewers that Israel "murders, imprisons, and tortures" Palestinian children, and "has built itself on the bodies of children."

During the Palestinian “Knife Intifada” when many young Palestinians were killed while they were carrying out stabbing attacks, Al-Batat turned facts upside down and warned Palestinian children not to walk around unaccompanied because Israel “targets children everywhere”:

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