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Father of terrorist who attempted suicide bombing: “All the prisoners are our sons… You are a source of pride for us”

Official PA TV program Giants of Endurance

Father of terrorist Muhammad Sa’id Bisharat: “I want to send a message to Muhammad [Sa’id Bisharat] and to all the brothers and the loved ones, our sons, the prisoners, the sons of the Palestinian people. Not only Muhammad is my son – all the prisoners are our sons. We say to them: You are a source of pride for us. By Allah, with your endurance you have outlined the most beautiful picture in history. You are the history. You are the symbol of the Palestinian cause. You are the ones [we mean] when we say “Giants of Endurance.”

Muhammad Sa'id Bisharat - Palestinian terrorist and Islamic Jihad member who attempted to carry out a suicide bombing on a bus on Aug. 2, 2001. Bisharat was prevented from boarding by the bus driver, and Israeli security forces arrested him. Bisharat is serving 18 years in prison.

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