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On Women’s Day, PA TV honors murderer Dalal Mughrabi and plane hijacker Laila Khaled – They are “the most prominent names”

Official PA TV reporter: "Palestinian women have created a history filled with their resolve, with their strength, and [for] some of them – with [sacrificing] their freedom in prison… Through their Martyrdom-deaths Palestinian women have participated in chapters of struggle in the most prominent events in Palestinian history. It will never be possible to review the struggle of the Palestinian women without [mentioning] the two self-sacrificing fighters Dalal Mughrabi and Laila Khaled – the first woman who hijacked an Israeli plane – as the most prominent names of the Palestinian resistance."

“Self-sacrificing fighter Laila Khaled, who hijacked an Israeli plane [in] 1969.”
“Self-sacrificing fighter Dalal Mughrabi”

Dalal Mughrabi

Laila Khaled

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