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Hamas can prevent the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel, warns Hamas TV editor

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |

Al-Aqsa TV “Hebrew Affairs Editor and Expert” Mu’min Meqdad: “There is no doubt that the resistance [Hamas] or the negotiator gave the occupation (i.e., Israel) very little time to implement these understandings. I think that the coming days will be a test for the occupation. If the occupation evades [its responsibilities], I believe that the resistance [Hamas] can deprive the occupation the pleasure of a number of the coming opportunities, such as the European Song Contest (i.e., Eurovision). There is still room to maneuver in the coming days… [Hamas] will monitor… the implementation of the understandings… If the occupation changes its mind or evades these things, there is no doubt that the resistance will have the last word.” 

May 2019 Gaza rocket attacks – The Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist organizations in Gaza launched a rocket barrage on Israeli civilian population centers on May 4, 2019, firing more than 700 rockets and murdering 4 Israelis in the course of two days. Israel responded by striking terror targets; 23 Gazans, many of them terrorists, were killed during the exchange of fire. On May 6 a ceasefire agreement was reached between Israel and Hamas.

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