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PA TV demonizes Israelis: They “kill [Palestinian] children on an almost daily basis”

Official Palestinian Authority TV  |

Official PA TV program The Best Home, on the occasion of World Children's Day on Nov. 20.

Official PA TV host: "There is a very important right."

Puppet Zaid: "What is it?”

Host: "Unfortunately it is completely trampled and a number of days ago there was an awful blow to this right – the right to live. Dear children, imagine one of the most important rights found in the first clause of the [UN] Convention on the Rights of the Child – and it is that there needs to be a right to live. We all need to enjoy this life. But the occupation kills our children everywhere. And a number of days ago we saw how it mercilessly, pitilessly, and illogically kills the children of Gaza – complete crazy. In other words, [puppet] Zaid, before us are two very important matters:

The most important thing is that we are standing before a criminal occupation and therefore we need to be able to defend ourselves and be able to stay away from its barbarity, [even] at home. A group of children were at home, and the occupation killed them."

Puppet: "Right."                                                                                                       

Host: "And we need to understand that there are criminals before us who are the occupation, who are trying to reach us everywhere in order to kill us. But Allah willing, we will soon be without occupation, and Allah willing, we will be able to defend ourselves- What happened, Zaid?"

Puppet: "No, I am [just] saying ‘if only.’"

Host: "If only, if only… Dear children, knowledge is awareness. Actually, we will be able to defend ourselves from all of these violations through our awareness and knowledge. One of these rights, my friends – which the occupation is trying to keep us from properly realizing – is the right to knowledge. Can you believe that the occupation – The moment that you know a bit of information about your country, about your homeland, about our land from 1948, that is what is called knowledge. And everything we know about our history is knowledge. The occupation does not want us to know these details under any circumstances and it accuses the children who know all of this information of also being terrorists. And they accuse the people who are teaching these children, whether they are members of our media, schools, or leadership – because we always need to have knowledge, we need to internalize everything about Palestine – they accuse us all of being terrorists."

Host: "My friend said something very important – our friends, some of the friends, and perhaps you are also part of them – who live in areas that have settlements in them and constant Israeli checkpoints - might be subjected to abuse and harassment and an adult needs to accompany us. This is because you know how the occupation behaves. It is liable to kill and liable to abuse children mercilessly and without a thought. Therefore, there must be an adult with us… Today we will focus on a number of clauses in [the Convention on the Rights of the Child], as our rights in it are being violated - the right to life, the right to protection, the right to freedom of expression, and the right to knowledge. Unfortunately, dear children, [the fact that] these rights are being violated does not reach the world. They know that there is a situation of conflict and that our children are not relaxed and not living normal lives, but they don’t know that the Israelis are violating the right to life by killing children on an almost daily basis, whether in Gaza, the West Bank, or Jerusalem. [The world does not know] that they are attempting to arrest children – and this is a violation of the right to protection, dear children. [They don’t know] that they are trying to prevent children from going to school – and that is a violation of the right to education, dear children. [They don’t know] that they are attempting to silence our children so that they won’t express themselves and they want to prevent them from saying what is inside them – and this is a violation of the right to freedom of expression, dear children. Dear children, they don’t want all of the details to reach the children of Palestine. They don’t want our dear children- they don’t want the children of Palestine to know the details about historical Palestine, about Palestine that was stolen from them, about their country in which they would like to live – but [the Israelis] took them out [of it] as a result of its occupation in 1948. [The Israelis] don’t want [the Palestinian children] to know these details, friends – and this is a violation of the right to knowledge, dear children. Many rights are being violated."

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