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Unrepentant released spy: We will confront the Zionists until we liberate Palestine and the Golan

Text and video posted on the official Fatah Facebook page; the video shows released prisoner and terrorist Sidqi Al-Maqt who committed espionage against Israel

Released spy Sidqi Al-Maqt: "Every prison and every isolation cell reminds us of shared pain, shared suffering, shared hopes and dreams. We will remain on this path and will confront this enemy. Your enemy is our enemy. It is the one that occupies Palestine, the Zionist enemy, and the same enemy occupies the Syrian Arab Golan. We will remain in the same foxhole, confront this enemy until we liberate all of our occupied Arab land, all of the Golan and all of Palestine, and we won’t relinquish one bit of our occupied Arab land in Palestine and the Golan. The battle to liberate the Golan begins in Palestine and not in the Golan. The Golan will be liberated with the liberation of Jerusalem. Be certain that we in the Golan and in Syria, and all of [Syria's] people, army, and leadership stand alongside Palestine, alongside the Palestinian cause. I am not saying 'We identify' – we do not 'identify' with our causes, we fight for our causes, and we will confront the enemy for our causes, and we will pay any price. Our blood and our soul for Syria and for Palestine, and we won’t renounce this path… "

Al-Maqt spoke at an event in his honor at the PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs.

Posted text with video: "The words of released prisoner Sidqi Al-Maqt, a son of the occupied Golan, at an event in his honor"

Sidqi Al-Maqt – Spy from the Druze and former Syrian village in the Golan Heights, Majdal Shams, who spied for Syria, providing information about the Israeli army. Al-Maqt was arrested in 1985 and served a 27-year sentence and was released, but was rearrested for espionage in 2015. Al-Maqt was sentenced to another 14 years, but was released on Jan. 10, 2020, as part of a goodwill gesture by Israel following the return of the body of Zachary Baumel, an Israeli soldier missing in action since 1982, by Russia from Syria.

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