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When the UN adopted Palestinian lies, myths, and homicidal terror against Israel

Maurice Hirsch, Adv.  |

A speech given by United Nation’s Secretary-General’s Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process (UNSCO), Nickolay Mladenov, epitomizes the destructive function of the UN in the Israel – Palestinian conflict.

Speaking at a Fatah-organized rally in Jericho before an audience of both Palestinians and international representatives, Mladenov, in the name of the UN, adopted blatant Palestinian lies to the international community about Yasser Arafat renouncing violence, pandered to the myth of Palestinian “democracy”, and called for Palestinian unity that would include representatives of the internationally recognized terror organization Hamas and others.

Adopting Palestinian lies

In his speech, Mladenov hailed the former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat (Abu Ammar) as a Palestinian leader who rejected violence:

“Abu Ammar … had the strength to renounce violence.”

[Official PA TV Live, June 22, 2020]

While the naïve UN may try to rewrite Arafat’s history - perhaps fooled by the fact that Arafat received the Nobel Peace Prize - the facts will forever remain. Arafat only pretended to embrace peace and renounce terrorism. In reality, he continued to use terror and violence to forward his goals.

Multiple sources confirm that it was Arafat who planned, initiated, and commanded the Palestinian terror campaign that started in September 2000., The campaign raged for over four years, and saw Palestinian terrorists, following Arafat’s direction, carrying out thousands of terror attacks during which over 1,000 Israelis were murdered and thousands more were injured.
Arafat’s wife, Suha, made this clear in an interview on PA TV saying that Arafat ordered her to leave the PA areas "because he had already decided to carry out an Intifada." [Official PA TV, Nov 12, 2011]

In a program about Arafat on official PA TV, Nabil Shaath, member of Fatah Central Committee, explained that Arafat “saw that repeating the first Intifada in new forms, would bring the necessary popular, international, and Arab pressure upon Israel." [Official PA TV, Nov 13, 2011]

While Hamas tried to claim leadership of the terror campaign, Muhammad Dahlan, then senior PA and Fatah official, insisted that Arafat and his security services were the ones who initiated and were the prime movers of the terror:

"Arafat didn't lack fighters. In the Intifada, when Arafat wanted something, he asked his security services, 40% of which were either killed, Martyrs, or prisoners. I want to... express all our love, honor and gratitude for the role of those brothers who died as Martyrs in the second Intifada from among Fatah and from among the Palestinian civilians and fighters, who defended our national rights. ... [When the violence started] Hamas was still hiding, thinking that Arafat brought about the Intifada because he wanted to cover up the secret agreement that had been drawn up at Camp David. Those are Al-Zahar's statements, by the way... The second Intifada - Hamas joined it late. We [the PLO and PA security services] are the ones who started it."

[Official PA TV, Sept. 28, 2010]

Mazen Izz Al-Din, who at the time served as the Deputy Director of the PA's Political and National Education Authority clarified:

"The Al-Aqsa Intifada - if we want to be truthful and open, history will reveal one day - that it [the Intifada] and all its directives belong to the President and Supreme Commander Yasser Arafat."

[PA TV (Fatah), May 28, 2002]

Ashraf Al-Ajrami, former PA Minister of Prisoners, added:

"Even this Intifada, whose flag Hamas has tried to wave unjustly, forcibly, falsely and fraudulently - that [Intifada] flag belongs to Yasser Arafat alone... These [Palestinian Authority security] forces paid the heavy price in the second Intifada"
 [Official PA TV, June 29, 2009]

Imad Faluji, PA Minister of Communications under Arafat at the time of the terror campaign, explained that Arafat had been planning the terror campaign since he returned from the failed Camp David talks in 2000:

"Whoever thinks that the Intifada started because of the hated Sharon's visit to Al-Aqsa Mosque is mistaken. That was only the straw breaking the Palestinian people's patience. This Intifada was already planned since [Arafat] the President returned from the recent talks at Camp David [July 2000]."

 [Speech by Faluji, Dec. 5, 2000]

Arafat's bodyguard Muhammad Dayeh explained that Arafat did not want to condemn terror but did so because of international pressure. According to Dayeh, Arafat would lie and say, "'I condemn killing civilians' - and that wasn't true":

TV host: "He [Arafat] would lie in front of you."
Bodyguard: "Yes. Arafat, yes. For example, whenever an operation (i.e., terror attack) was carried out in Tel Aviv, Arafat would go out and say [he condemned it] - of course, after pressure. First and foremost [from Egyptian] President Mubarak. He would call brother Arafat and tell him: "Brother Arafat, go and condemn it, they'll screw you." [Arafat] would tell him: "But Mr. President, I have Martyrs - they [Israel] destroyed us, they massacred us." [Mubarak] would tell him: "Brother Arafat, go and condemn [it]. They'll screw you." Brother Arafat would go and condemn it in his special way: I am against killing civilians - and that wasn't true."

 [BBC Arabic YouTube channel, April 1, 2014]

Sultan Abu Al-Einein, then Fatah Secretary General in Lebanon, confirmed Arafat’s deception:

"Yasser Arafat used to condemn Martyrdom [suicide] operations. He used to condemn these operations in very severe terms, but at the same time, it is clearly determined that the Martyr Yasser Arafat financed these military operations."

[Al-Quds TV, April 6, 2009]

What is clear today - and should be known to Mladenov - is that Arafat never truly renounced violence. Rather, Arafat continued to use violence as a means to achieve his goal of destroying Israel.

The myth of Palestinian “democracy”
Continuing his speech, Mladenov urged the Palestinians not to throw away their achievements of the last 25 years and to strive to build a future based on democratic values:

“You do not throw [away] the keys to something you’ve been building for 25 years. You protect it, you protect it and you must invest in the future. In a future that is built on shared values of democracy, of accountability and of prosperity for everyone.”

Did the UN/Mladenov miss the fact PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is now in his fifteenth year of a four-year term? Did the UN/Mladenov miss the fact that during the last 25 years, the Palestinian Authority has only held two general elections, one in 1996 and one in 2006? Did the UN/Mladenov miss the fact that in 2007, Abbas deposed the elected PA government, replacing it with a string of unelected functionaries, predominantly from his Fatah party? Did the UN/Mladenov miss the fact that in 2018 Abbas dissolved the Palestinian Legislative Council (that had not functioned for over a decade), while promising to hold general elections within six months of the decision?

The UN pretense that the PA embodies even a semblance of democracy, is simply fantasy. Why is the UN incapable of recognizing the reality and admitting that the PA is just another failed dictatorship?

Palestinian unity with terrorists

If the UN/Mladenov was genuinely interested in achieving peace between Israel and the Palestinians, the first requirement would be to dismantle homicidal terrorist organizations. Instead of holding the PA to this elementary standard, the Mladenov called for Palestinian unity:

“A cancer has been eating away at the body of Palestine for more than a decade -- the cancer of division. And I call upon all leaders of Palestine on all people of Palestine to put away their differences and to build real national unity.”

This statement is a clear reference to the division between Abbas’ Fatah party that control the PA and the PA-controlled area in Judea and Samaria on one hand, and the terror organization Hamas that controls the Gaza Strip on the other. The division started with Abbas deposing the Hamas government that won the 2006 PA general elections, and reached its peak when Hamas seized control of the Gaza Strip in 2007, inter alia, by throwing members of Fatah off the tops of buildings.   

Hamas’ stated goal is to destroy Israel and exterminate Jews in the name of Islam.

The most pressing question of all emanating from Mladenov’s speech - and there are several – is how the UN/Mladenov could ever believe that Fatah unity with the terror organization Hamas could promote peace?

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