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Arafat's wife: Arafat planned Intifada after Oslo Accords and Camp David failure

Suha Arafat about Arafat planning the Intifada::
     “On the personal level, I miss him very, very much. [Our daughter] Zahwa also misses him, you can't imagine. She didn't know him. She knows that Arafat sent us away before the [Israeli] invasion of Ramallah. He said: “You have to leave Palestine, because I want to carry out an Intifada, and I'm not prepared to shield myself behind my wife and little girl.” Everyone said: “Suha abandoned him,” but I didn't abandon him. He ordered me to leave him because he had already decided to carry out an Intifada after the Oslo Accords and after the failure of Camp David [July 2000].”
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