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PA: One Israeli racist means all Israelis are racists

Palestinian libel: Israelis dehumanize Palestinians so they can murder them without guilt

Official PA TV host: "This [racist comment] isn’t individual behavior or an individual position, but rather a collective position in Israel and a mentality with a strong presence today in the Israelis’ behavior.”

Sociologist and Palestinian-Israeli studies expert Dr. Zuheir Al-Sabbagh: “I agree with that diagnosis. It doesn’t just represent this Israeli actor [Roy Boy]. It represents the racist culture and education that the settlers grow up on… The goal is to dehumanize the other in order to legitimize attacking him. When I as a colonialist come to kill a Palestinian, I’m actually not killing a human being but rather I’m killing a wolf, a snake, a rat, lice, and other racist descriptions. Now this makes it easier for the settler and gives him a feeling that he hasn’t killed a person, and therefore he won’t feel guilt. This dehumanization plays a role: To legitimize attacking the other, to legitimize expropriating his lands, to legitimize destroying his home, to legitimize murdering him, to legitimize torturing him…
The racism in Israel is structural. It’s not accidental or momentary, but rather structural. It’s part of the settler-colonialist structure. It also doesn’t only relate to the Zionist settlement and colonialism. Even before this, when there was Jewish non-Zionist settlement, there was racism."

[Official PA TV, Israel in the News, July 14, 2020]

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