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PMW welcomes Facebook’s limiting Fatah's page

Itamar Marcus & Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |

After extensive PMW correspondence with Facebook about Fatah’s promotion of terror ‎and glorification of violence on its official Facebook page, and following PMW ‎campaigns against Fatah’s page and Facebook itself that informed and warned ‎Facebook that they were supplying a platform for Fatah’s terror promotion, hate ‎speech, and Antisemitism, Facebook finally took steps against Fatah. ‎

In June Fatah's Facebook page was temporarily closed following three warnings by ‎Facebook. This week Facebook took another significant step by canceling Fatah’s ‎option to boost posts - i.e., posts that are promoted as ads.‎

The image above posted by Fatah shows a computer screen with Facebook open on it ‎and a red “no” symbol over the page. Gold coins appear next to the screen.‎

Posted text: “As part of an ongoing campaign against Palestinian content‎
Facebook is stopping all the boosted posts of the official Fatah Facebook page”‎

[Official Fatah Facebook page, Sept. 26, 2020]‎

Following PMW’s repeated exposure of Fatah terror promotion on its Facebook page ‎and the disciplinary steps taken by Facebook, PMW can report there has been a drop ‎in Fatah terror promotion and terror glorification in recent months on the Facebook ‎page.‎

PMW welcomes Facebook’s steps against Fatah. PMW will continue monitoring ‎Fatah’s posts to expose any terror promotion or Antisemitism and will notify Facebook of these and other violations as they occur. Should Fatah resume using Facebook as a platform to promote terror we will again demand that Facebook treat Fatah with the same standards it applies to other terror promotion and completely close the page.

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