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OK to murder Israeli civilians because they are all “criminals” - Hamas’ message in ‎TV series

Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |

Murdering Israeli/Jewish civilians is legitimate according to TV series produced and ‎broadcast by Hamas. ‎

In a scene on the show Self-Sacrificing Fighter (Fida’i), which was produced by Hamas’ ‎Al-Aqsa TV and rebroadcast recently, an armed terrorist enters a restaurant in Tel Aviv ‎and shoots and murders Israeli/Jewish diners. Following the attack, a Palestinian ‎woman is being interrogated by an Israeli investigator. She explains that while Islam ‎forbids murdering civilians, killing Israelis/Jews is justified because Israelis/Jews are all ‎‎“criminals”: ‎

Woman under investigation: “If you know everything, then what do you want ‎me to say?”‎

Israeli investigator: “No. When it is told by a heroine, the story is better and ‎more beautiful. Are you not a heroine? Didn’t you set out to murder innocents in ‎Tel Aviv?”‎

Woman: “We’re not criminals like you and we’re not murderers. Our religion ‎‎[Islam] forbids us from murdering civilians!”‎

Investigator: “So who did you‎‏ ‏set out‏ ‏to murder?”‎

Woman: “I set out‏ ‏to murder criminals like you!”‎

Investigator: “Murderer!”‎

[Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), Aug. 25, 2020]‎

Palestinian Media Watch has exposed that Hamas broadcasts similar messages to ‎Palestinians – MPs call for “death to Israel”, officials threaten violence, and TV fillers ‎glorify suicide bombings, ‎ ‎

During a military conflict between Hamas and Israel, Hamas broadcast on TV a poster with the words: "Killing Jews is worship that draws us close to Allah."

This TV series is called Self-Sacrificing Fighter (Fida’i) and was produced by Al-Aqsa ‎TV in 2015‎

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