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BBC promotes terrorist murderer of 15 Israelis

BBC Arabic host: "Ahlam Tamimi, the Jordanian prisoner of Palestinian origin… has ‎returned to the headlines following the expulsion of her husband Nizar to Doha ‎‎[Qatar]… The story of the relationship between these two people is that they first met in ‎the Israeli military courtroom, and were engaged inside the prisons… After their release ‎as part of a prisoner exchange deal in 2011… they got married and settled in Amman ‎‎[Jordan]…When Ahlam spoke [on Jordanian radio] about the decision to expel her ‎husband, and about her rights, and when she directed an appeal to [Jordan’s] king to ‎solve her problem, the broadcasters cut off the call … The staff of the [BBC] program ‎Trending reached out to Ahlam to hear her appeal to the Jordanian king, which was cut ‎off ... Let’s listen.”‎

Released terrorist, led suicide bomber to target. 15 people murdered, Ahlam ‎Tamimi: "I, Jordanian citizen Ahlam Tamimi, turn once again to His Majesty King ‎Abdullah II in order to be united with my husband Nizar Tamimi on the blessed land of ‎Jordan. It is my right to be beside my husband…‎"

She was born in Zarqa in Jordan to Palestinian parents in 1980‎
She was the first woman who joined the Al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ military wing
The Israeli forces arrested her in 2001‎
She was accused of participating in the bombing operation at the Sbarro restaurant in ‎Jerusalem
She was sentenced to 16 life sentences that add up to 1,584 years…‎
She and her husband were released in a deal that included 1,047 (sic., 1,027) ‎Palestinian prisoners…‎
In 2013 she was put on the wanted terrorists’ list of the US Department of Justice due ‎to her involvement in the murder of Americans…‎
The Jordanian authorities have rejected America’s extradition requests.‎

Video title on BBC’s YouTube channel: “#BBC_Trending – a radio station cut off a ‎phone call with Ahlam Tamimi because of her appeal to King of Jordan [Abdullah II] ‎during a live broadcast”‎

Video description on BBC’s YouTube channel: “‘Ahlam Tamimi, your voice is loud’ – ‎responses of solidarity on Jordanian and Palestinian sites with Palestinian Ahlam ‎Tamimi.”‎

Ahlam and Nizar Tamimi

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