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PA: Murderer of pregnant woman and child is “heroic” and victim of “kidnapping” by Israel

Official PA TV newsreader: "Prisoner Muhammad Daoud (i.e., murderer) has begun his 34th year in the occupation’s prisons…"
Official PA TV reporter: "On Dec. 8, 1987, with the outbreak of the first Intifada when young Muhammad Daoud was beginning his path in life, the occupation forces kidnapped him to be a prisoner in their prisons (i.e., he was arrested for murder) …"
PA-funded Prisoners’ Club Director in Qalqilya Lafi Nassoura: "We draw our faith in the certain victory from the resolve of this prisoner [Muhammad Daoud], and from the resolve of all the heroic prisoners."

Muhammad Adel Daoud - Palestinian terrorist who murdered Ofra Moses, who was pregnant, and her 5-year-old son, Tal Moses, by throwing a Molotov cocktail at their car on April 11, 1987. Daoud is serving a life sentence.

Assuming that murderer Daoud is single and has no children, the PA has rewarded him by now with 1,560,200 shekels (US$ 481,960) under the PA’s Pay-for-Slay program. Every month, the PA pays him an additional 12,000 shekels (US$ 3,707). However some sources indicate Daoud is married and has at least two children. The PA’s salary supplement for married terrorists would bring the amount he has received from the PA to at least 1,640,600 shekels (US$ 506,796)

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