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“Those representing Palestine must be prepared to sacrifice blood” – Fatah official

Fatah Revolutionary Council member Raed Radwan: “All the activities will be directed towards popular resistance … Palestine is the center of the universe religiously, politically, and even geographically… Those representing it must be prepared to make a sacrifice and to sacrifice blood for the sake of this cause. Therefore, these young people (i.e., founders of Fatah in 1965) who believed in their cause and the certainty of their victory against this enemy (i.e., Israel) succeeded… Fatah carried the rifle and succeeded in realizing a long journey of giving adorned with blood, Martyrs, and prisoners. Therefore, Fatah today has a mighty heritage of Martyrs and prisoners.”

The terms "peaceful uprising/resistance,” and “popular uprising/resistance" are used by PA leaders at times to refer to peaceful protest and at times to refer to deadly terror attacks and terror waves. For example, ‎Mahmoud Abbas defined as “peaceful popular” the murderous terror during the 2015-2016 ‎terror wave (“The Knife Intifada”), in which 40 people were killed (36 Israelis, 1 Palestinian, 2 Americans and 1 Eritrean) and hundreds wounded in stabbings, shootings, and car ramming attacks. Abbas said: "We want peaceful popular uprising, and that’s what this is."

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