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Mass murderer of children is “the symbol of the Palestinian revolution”

Text on screen: “Dalal Mughrabi
Born in 1958 in the Sabra refugee camp

Dalal joined the Palestinian self-sacrificing movement while she was still in school

At the age of 20, Dalal was selected to command the Deir Yassin squad that was composed of 12 self-sacrificing fighters

Dalal and her squad were selected to carry out an operation (i.e., terror attack) planned by Martyr Khalil Al-Wazir ‘Abu Jihad’ (i.e., terrorist, planned murder of 125)

which included taking control of an Israeli military bus (sic., a civilian bus) and driving towards Tel Aviv…

Dalal and her squad infiltrated [Israel] on March 11, 1978, from the territory of Lebanon

The squad disembarked the boat that passed opposite the Palestinian coast (i.e., Israeli coast)

The self-sacrificing fighters reached the main road and took control of a bus, and they had it drive towards Tel Aviv

The occupation government appointed a special group from the army to stop the bus and kill or arrest its self-sacrificing fighter passengers

Large forces of tanks and planes pursued the bus until it was stopped next to the settlement of Herzliya (i.e., Israeli city north of Tel Aviv)

The squad confronted the Israeli forces and Dalal died as a Martyr together with her comrades, while two were captured

For the Israeli enemy, 37 were killed and dozens were wounded, but it did not reveal the number of those killed in the army (sic., only civilians were killed)

The [Palestinian] National Liberation Movement – Fatah
Commission of Information and Culture – Southern Branches”

Posted text on Facebook: “#Dalal_Mughrabi
The symbol of the Palestinian revolution

Dalal Mughrabi

Abu Jihad

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