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PA TV broadcasts song teaching children denial of Israel's right to exist

"My homeland, my land is very pretty. It has forests, stone houses and a sea
My homeland, my land is very pretty. It has hills, lemon and olive trees
I live in my village. My village in my homeland. My homeland is so pretty…
The smell of a fig tree. The aroma of jasmine…
Do you know what happened in '48? [the year Israel was established]
They took everything. The room they burned. The houses they broke.
The forests they destroyed. The village they erased. The names they changed.
They changed the names. My homeland - its name is Palestine."

Note: This song was broadcast during a children's program showing children visiting Bethlehem. The music video of the song is the longest running video for children broadcast on PA TV. It ran repeatedly for more than 10 years from 1998 to 2009.

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