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“We will continue the cycle of blood and killing,” threatens Fatah leader Rajoub - “We are not the only ones who will die”

Fatah Central Committee Secretary Jibril Rajoub: “This situation requires from us (i.e., Fatah) as Palestinians to take a position and also the international community, which understands the scope of the fascist and Nazi state terror that is being carried out against the Palestinians… We are convinced that the conflict [with Israel] has reached the stage that either the world will give us a solution or we will continue the cycle of blood and killing” …

Asharq News interviewer: “How realistic today are the possibilities that have been raised that Fatah will enter an armed confrontation with the occupation… as happened in the 2000 [second] Intifada?”

Jibril Rajoub: “That possibility is on the table of the [Fatah] Central Committee, and we are seriously discussing this matter. We will also raise this matter in our discussions with the factions. If the world wants to push us into a corner, we are not the only ones who will die, and we are not the only ones who will suffer. As far as we’re concerned, the struggle with all its forms is a means, and the goal is ending the occupation. We own the armed struggle. We [Fatah] are the ones who brought about the outbreak of the revolution – us, us, us! We will not continue to [merely] boast about the past, but if there is a need for us to return to bearing arms, I say that we – starting with the [Fatah] Central Committee and down to the last of the lion cubs in the movement (i.e., child members of Fatah) – we are all potential Martyrs… We hope that the international community will pick up on the [emotional] turmoil and the feeling of bitterness that exists among all the Palestinians, who have begun to defy death and prefer death over a life of humiliation, suffering, and hardships under the rule of the neo-Nazis.”

Posted text on Facebook page: “Fatah Movement Central Committee [Secretary and] member Jibril Rajoub: What happened in Jerusalem, the West Bank, inside the [pre-]1967 [borders] (i.e., violent Arab riots inside Israel), and the Gaza Strip shows that the occupation is in distress, as this is the first time that the Palestinians are agreeing as one. The Fatah Movement’s entry into an armed battle is on the table of the Central Committee, and we will also raise this before the factions, because Fatah is the one that brought about the outbreak of the revolution.”

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