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Terrorist stabber portrayed by Fatah as innocent young man

Fatah-run Awdah TV host: “Today the occupation police killed a young man at the beginning of his life (i.e., terrorist, stabbed 2) on the pretext of carrying out a stabbing attack – which is a pretext that it uses every time, while it is lenient with the settlers as they riot against the Palestinians, against our people.

Caption: Disproving the Fatah TV host’s lie, footage shows one of the wounded Israelis with the knife still in his back, moments after the attack (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT)

[Reporting_12 twitter account, May 24, 2021]

Zuhdi Al-Tawil - 17-year-old Arab terrorist from Jerusalem who stabbed and wounded two Israelis near the Israeli Police National Headquarters in Jerusalem, near Ammunition Hill, on May 24, 2021, before being shot and killed by an Israeli border patrol officer at the scene.

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