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PA TV says PMW website incites against the PA

PA TV newsreader: "Israeli incitement against the Palestinian leadership and institutions takes on many forms."
Israeli TV newsreader is shown reporting on Palestinian Media Watch’s exposure of PA TV’s ad calling for boycott of Israeli products.
PA TV reporter: "The Israeli media has been following the Palestinian information campaign calling for a boycott of Israeli goods. The latest example is this ad, funded by the Spanish government."
Clip of PA TV ad promoting boycott as exposed by PMW and broadcast on Israeli Channel 2 News.
PA TV reporter: "The Israeli side opposes this [boycott] idea. Senior Israeli officials told the Israeli media on Wednesday that the Palestinians are demanding a boycott of goods, instead of talking about peace. The main Israeli source which has been monitoring this issue is PMW's website that monitors everything large and small in the Palestinian media. This site's directors claim that they monitor and document the incitement in the Palestinian media. But when you enter the site and read a little, you find out who is inciting against whom. For example, President Mahmoud Abbas – according to the website – does not recognize Israel, glorifies violence, and he is directly responsible for terror. This is one small example of what the website is marketing to its visitors."
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