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PA TV quiz teaches that "Palestine" includes northern Israel

PA TV Quiz program The Stars
Competitors: Hebron University and the Palestinian Academy for Security Sciences (Jericho)
PA TV host:
“The Al-Mafshoukh River (i.e. the Ga’aton River, flowing through northern Israel), or the Al-Saouk River, is one of the rivers to be found in:
A. Southern Palestine.
B. Central Palestine.
C. Northern Palestine.”
PA TV host: “As you know, the answer is northern Palestine, near the towns of Tarshiha and Ma’aleh (i.e., Israeli city called Ma’alot Tarshiha).”

Note: The Ga’aton River flows through northern Israel into the Mediterranean Sea near the Israeli city Nahariya. The answer northern Israel was replaced by “northern Palestine.”

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