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PA TV host lies, claims Israel only applies anti-polygamy law to Arabs, lets Jewish men marry many women

PA TV “Israeli affairs expert” Fayez Abbas: Another article in the [Israeli] paper Haaretz –says that in the Negev (i.e., in southern Israel) there are 6,680 cases of men who are married to more than one woman, and the [Israeli] police or attorney’s office claim that they did not succeed in enforcing the anti-polygamy law. In Israel it is forbidden to marry more than one woman for Arabs, for Muslims only. The Jew can marry more than one woman according to the law in Israel (sic.), but the Arab cannot. [The Arab] is sentenced to an active prison term and the payment of heavy fines.”

Paragraph 176 of Israel's Penal Law prohibits polygamy. The law applies to everyone living in Israel, without exception.

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