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Father brings son to see “popular uprising,” exposing him to “danger,” brags about 4-year-old’s hopes of dying

Official PA TV reporter: “It is a fire burning through rubber tires, which the rubber unit in the town of Beita invented and created this method in order to light the tires on fire and make the lives of the settlers who are living on the peak of this mountain dark and black as their hidden grudge… I see that you came with your children.”

Palestinian father: “We want to break their mental block of fear of the occupation, and also to try to have them see the resistance that is acting peacefully, and to absorb the peaceful resistance from the source.”

Reporter: “You are not afraid given this dangerous situation?”

Father: “This is popular resistance. There is no avoiding being exposed to danger. My son Yusuf here told me: “I want to go up with you to the mountain so that I’ll go to Paradise,” and he is four-and-a-half years old” …

Reporter: “What are you instilling in your children?”

Father: “Love of the homeland, defending it and its lands, our holy lands.”

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