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“Bullets and gunpowder are the source of pride” of the homeland – song on official PA TV

Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |

As an introduction to a report on imprisoned terrorists from the town of Bita, official PA TV played part of a song glorifying the “uprising” for the “homeland” and the use of “bullets and gunpowder” against Israel:

Lyrics: “Your people have risen up, O homeland, risen up
Your people have risen up, homeland, risen up
Its bullets and gunpowder are the source of its pride”

[Official PA TV, Giants of Endurance, Oct. 14, 2021]

Palestinian Media Watch has exposed that the PA actively promotes the “armed struggle” and glorifies the use of terror against Israel via songs broadcast on official PA TV. A PA TV quiz included numerous songs that are “a basic part of our [Palestinian] culture ‎and express our national identity.” Songs that “still fascinate us with ‎values and meanings.” Among the lyrics in the quiz songs were: 

  • “I'm coming with my rifle… I’m coming towards you, my enemy”

  •   ‎“Take my blood

  • “My machine gun and my bullets are the path to salvation”

  • “A self-sacrificing fighter carried the rifle and went out towards the Zionists”

  • “Allahu Akbar… I will ritually purify myself with my blood”

PA TV’s program Giants of Endurance, which broadcast the first song above, functions as a service to imprisoned terrorists and their families. The show broadcasts reports from the terrorists’ home towns, greetings from their relatives, and updates on their children, - some of whom have been conceived after the terrorist prisoners have smuggled out their sperm, as documented by Palestinian Media Watch. The program also includes interviews with released prisoners and promotes the academic progress of the prisoners, who study under self-appointed “teachers” - i.e., fellow terrorist prisoners.