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PA libel: Israeli soldiers murder kids for no reason

A scene is shown from the film “Checkpoint” in which an Israeli commander of a checkpoint tells Palestinians that the road is blocked.

Caption: “The film ‘Checkpoint’ about the suffering of the Palestinians due to the occupation’s checkpoints”

Palestinian father: “We want to take the kids to the amusement park. They are driving us crazy at home.”

Commander: “The road is closed on the officers’ orders.”

Man: “You have a bit of power and you occupied [our land], and now you want to bother us.”

Father: “Quiet, it’s not worth having them shoot you. We want to take the kids to the amusement park.”

One of the soldiers shoots a child.

Father:  “Call an ambulance!”

Commander: “Ambulance!”

The soldiers leave and the clip from the film ends.

Official PA TV host: “This is a difficult scene from the film, but it reflects the reality of the Palestinians’ lives.” 

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