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Father proud of his terrorist son’s studies in prison: Prison “is a school, a university”

Official PA TV program Jerusalem Prisoners, on terrorist prisoner Ashraf Zgheir, who was involved in the murder of 6

Munir Zgheir, father of terrorist Ashraf Zgheir: “I say to the entire world: Our guys in prison, our prisoners, including my sons, are the best people in the land. They are a school for virtues, a school for giving, a school for altruism… [My son] completed a bachelor’s degree in political science and economics from Open University [of Israel] with honors… Praise Allah, he is currently completing a master’s degree. May Allah help him and his comrades complete their studies… In prison there are those who have completed a doctorate. It is a school, it is a university… We are speaking about heroes of the highest level.”

Ashraf Zgheir – Palestinian terrorist and Hamas member who drove suicide bomber Iyad Raddad to Tel Aviv’s Allenby Street on Sept. 19, 2002, where Raddad boarded a bus and detonated a bomb, murdering 6 people and wounding 84 others. Zgheir used his Israeli residency status to be able to move around freely and select targets. On Oct. 11, 2002, Zgheir attempted to facilitate another bombing, driving suicide bomber Rafat Mouqadi to the Tel Aviv promenade where he instructed him to detonate a bomb at a restaurant. Israeli security guards thwarted the attack and arrested Mouqadi. Two days later, Zgheir received instructions from Hamas to carry out another bombing, but he was arrested before he could do so. Zgheir is serving 6 life sentences.

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