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Murder of 10 was “one of the best heroic operations”

Official PA TV host: "Especially today it is our duty, and the duty of the Palestinian people, and of the members of Fatah to send special greetings to prisoner Thaer Hammad (i.e., terrorist, murdered 10)…

Released prisoner Musa Hamed: “I send greetings to all the prisoners, and especially to our brother Thaer Hammad. Today is the anniversary of the Wadi Al-Haramiya operation (i.e., Hammad’s terror attack), the operation whose voice echoed worldwide. The strength of this operation, which our brother Thaer carried out at a [young] age – the Israeli army and the occupation state were left confused about it for about three years. They didn’t know what happened. Praise Allah, he carried out an operation that was one of the best heroic operations that were carried out on the soil of the homeland.”

Thaer Hammad – Palestinian terrorist serving 11 life sentences for murdering 3 Israeli civilians and 7 soldiers by shooting them with a sniper rifle from a hilltop in Wadi Al-Haramiya between Ramallah and Nablus on March 3, 2002.

Musa Hamed – released prisoner who served 13 years. PMW was unable to determine the nature of his crimes

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