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US pressure on UNRWA to stop incitement in education is US “forcing the Zionist narrative on the Palestinian people”

BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights Director Nidal Al-Azza: “UNRWA has been asked [by America] not to teach some of the lessons [to Palestinian refugees] that deal with the wall and settlement. They view this as an element of incitement. Also some of the lessons that deal with the prisoners and the way they are presented. According to their criteria this incites to violence and the like, and also lessons about historical Palestine (i.e., all of Israel and PA). It is forbidden to teach about Haifa and Jaffa (i.e., Israeli cities) and the original Palestinian cities before the Nakba (i.e., establishment of Israel). They are forcing the Zionist criteria or the Zionist narrative on the Palestinian people and the Palestinian identity.”

UNRWA - UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East


The Nakba - i.e., “the catastrophe,” Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel

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