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“I want to die as a Martyr and meet the Creator” - terrorist who shot at Israeli forces

Brother of terrorist Abdallah Al-Hasri: “Praise Allah, [Abdallah Al-Hasri] sought [Martyrdom] and received it. He wanted to die as a Martyr. He told me: “Don’t leave the refugee camp. I want to die as a Martyr.” I told him: “My brother, you see the Jews? They’re coming in to kill.” He told me: “[This is] common. I want to die as a Martyr. I want to meet the Creator.”

Abdallah Al-Hasri and Shadi Khaled Najm – Palestinian terrorists aged 22 and 18 respectively who opened fire on Israeli security forces in the Jenin refugee camp on March 1, 2022, while the forces were rearresting released terrorist Imad Abu Al-Hija, the son of senior Hamas terrorist prisoner Jamal Abu Al-Hija who is serving 9 life sentences for his role in the murder of 9. Al-Hasri and Najm were killed in the ensuing exchange of fire.

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