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German think tank quotes PMW in their report on Fatah's glorification of terror

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Fatah terror propaganda on Facebook


While Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has publicly condemned the last two terrorist attacks on Israelis (unusually for him, the Times of Israel website points out ), his Fatah group continues to incite assassinations – including on Facebook.

According to the Israeli institute Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), which evaluates and translates into English media reports and government statements in the Palestinian Territories , Fatah published a film on one of its Facebook pages last month commemorating the anniversary of the killing of three Israeli civilians celebrated in March 1988.

Just as religious communities celebrate their holidays, Fatah celebrates its terrorist attacks. For example, every January 1st it commemorates the anniversary of its first major terrorist attack on January 1st, 1965. That was when Fatah terrorists invaded Israel and planted a bomb on the National Water Carrier, a canal connecting the Sea of ​​Galilee with the Negev desert and supplies the population in southern Israel with drinking water. Fortunately, the bomb did not explode.

Fatah celebrates the so-called coastal road massacre of March 11, 1978, with mastermind Dalal Mughrabi, on its corresponding anniversary – or on March 8, International Women's Day. On September 5 (but also in between,) Fatah glorifies the "heroes" who perpetrated the 1972 Munich massacre in which eleven Israeli athletes were murdered.

On Facebook, Fatah is now glorifying the attack, which in Israel is called the " bombing of the mothers ' bus." On March 7, 1988, during the first Intifada, three heavily armed PLO terrorists invaded Israel from Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. They stopped a car, forced the four occupants out and proceeded inland with the vehicle to the Negev desert.

They stopped a bus under fire near the Bedouin settlement of Ar'ara BaNegev. The bus driver opened the doors, allowing some passengers to escape, but the remaining occupants were taken hostage by the terrorists: 11 women and one man, all employees of the Dimona Nuclear Research Center, who were on their way to work.

The occupants of the previously hijacked car had meanwhile alerted the police, who set up roadblocks. The Israeli police's elite Yamam unit, which specializes in anti-terrorist operations, managed to stop and surround the bus. The kidnappers demanded the release of all PLO terrorists held in Israeli jails and gave an ultimatum of half an hour, after which they would murder the hostages.

Indeed, after the deadline, they killed Victor Ram, a 39-year-old father of three, and one of the women, Miriam Ben-Yair, 46, mother of four. The Yamam fighters then stormed the bus and killed all three hijackers. However, the terrorists managed to kill another hostage: Rina Shiratky, 31, mother of two. Eight other hostages were slightly injured.

Last month, Fatah celebrated the attack and posted a propaganda film on Facebook produced by Fatah's Information and Culture Commission. In it, they glorify the perpetrators as "heroes" who have shown "heroism and daring of the most spectacular kind." The video is 69 seconds long and consists of photos edited together in quick succession and animated graphics.

The photos alternate between the terrorists and the nuclear research center - as if the attack had been aimed at them and not the passengers of a bus. Once the plant is even shown in the middle of a crosshair. The film is accompanied by dramatic music. The text is displayed as a subtitle: "The self-sacrificing fighters managed to kill three soldiers and a woman before dying as martyrs." In fact, the men murdered three civilians.

It is far from the first time Fatah has glorified assassinations on its Facebook page, Itamar Marcus, director of Palestinian Media Watch, told Mena-Watch. Also last month, they posted a video on Facebook that once again glorified Dalal Mughrabi and the coastal road massacre .

As a particularly repugnant example of the anti-Semitism that Fatah is also spreading on Facebook, Marcus cites a documentary produced by Fatah's education department that said "rich Jews" did business with the Nazis "and sold the blood of their own people."

Mena-Watch contacted the press department of Facebook and confronted them with the film, which celebrates the attack by Dimona and the killing of three civilians, and the judgment of Palestinian Media Watch: "Facebook continues to prove a willing tool of Abbas' Fatah movement to glorify and celebrate killings of Israelis.” Mena-Watch wanted to know: Does Facebook condone terrorism?

There was no reply, and the propaganda video about the Dimona murders was not withdrawn either. It can still be viewed by around three billion users around the world.