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Palestinian teens seek death for Palestine following the PA’s calls

Itamar Marcus  |
  • Teenager vows: “We will fight until the last Palestinian child [in the village] dies!”

  • Teen killed during violent riots sought death: “Mom… My cousins and I… One of us needs to be a Martyr”

While Israel today mourns its fallen soldiers and those killed in terror attacks, teenagers in the PA are announcing their desire to bring about their own deaths as Martyrs for Allah– in an attack against Israelis.

Encouraged by the PA’s endorsement of terror, praise for terrorists, and calls for “popular resistance” - the PA euphemism for terror - Palestinian teens have expressed how they actively seek a violent Martyrdom-death confronting Israel, “defending Palestine.”

The father of 17-year-old Shukat Abed, who was recently killed while participating in violent riots in Kafr Dan north of Jenin, told official PA TV at his son’s funeral that his son had expressed his wish to become a “Martyr.” A few days before his death, Shukat Abed had argued that since he and his cousins were so many in number, “one of them needed to be a Martyr.” He had notified his mother that she should “wrap him in shrouds,” and when taking a selfie, he indicated that the family would use the photo when he would soon die as a Martyr:

Father of Shukat Abed: “My wife told me two days ago: “He [Shukat Abed] said: ‘Listen mom, you need to wrap me in shrouds. Me and my cousins together are 10, 15, or 20 [people]. One of us needs to be a Martyr.’” His mother told him: ‘I don’t want to wrap you in shrouds.’ He told her: ‘By Allah, you will wrap me in shrouds.’ This conversation was two days ago, I swear. Yesterday evening… he [Shukat Abed] held his phone, took a selfie, and said: ‘Tomorrow you will enlarge this photo.’” (i.e., since he planned to become a Martyr.)

[Official PA TV News, April 15, 2022]

Official PA TV broadcast this as part of a report on the funeral of 17-year-old Shukat Abed.

Another teenager vowed to “fight until the last Palestinian child [in the village] dies!” His father was killed while participating in violent riots against Israeli forces in Beita:

Son of Fayez Hamayel: “We will not relinquish Beita. Beita is a village of resolve. We will not relinquish it. We will fight until the last Palestinian child in Beita dies!”

Official PA TV reporter: “We stand helpless against these feelings and the intensity demonstrated by the Martyr’s son.”

Crowd: Millions of Martyrs are marching to Jerusalem!

Reporter: “These cries perhaps best express the situation here.”

[Official PA TV, April 14, 2022]

Palestinian Media Watch has exposed that the PA actively encourages teens to seek death as Martyrs for Palestine and has called the death of teenagers as Martyrs “the path to excellence and greatness.” PMW has shown that Palestinian teenagers embrace the message and carry out Martyrdom-seeking terror attacks.