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PLO, PA TV promote world without Israel - even in TV quizzes

Nan Jacques Zilberdik and Itamar Marcus  |

•    Mount Meron in northern Israel is in “Palestine”

•    The Sea of Galilee in northern Israel is “in Palestine”

•    The Hula Lake in northern Israel is “in Palestine”

•    The Red Sea at Israel's southern border is “in Palestine”

•    “Palestine” is “27,000 sq. km.” – i,e., includes all of Israel

During the month of Ramadan, official PA TV entertained viewers with different quizzes. One evident goal was to reinforce the PA’s vision of a world without Israel by presenting all of the State of Israel as “Palestine.” The answers of the participants, who were all residents of refugee camps, confirmed that the PA policy of denying Israel's right to exist in any borders – which Palestinian Media Watch has shown the PA has taught to Palestinians for decades - has become rooted in Palestinian consciousness everywhere.

Correct answers denying Israel's existence were rewarded by the PLO Department of Refugee Affairs with 20 Jordanian dinars, approximately $28.

In one quiz, a participant was asked about the borders of “Palestine.” Without blinking an eye, the man cited “the Mediterranean Sea, the Jordan River, Lebanon, and the Gulf of Aqaba” as borders, completely ignoring Israel's existence: 

Official PA TV host: “What borders Palestine from the four directions?”
Man: “From the west is the Mediterranean Sea.”
Host: “Nice.”
Man: “From the east is the Jordan [River].”
Host: “Right.”
Man: “From the north is Lebanon.”
Host: “And from the south?”
Man: “From the south is the Gulf of Aqaba.” …
Host: “Correct answer. You won 20 [Jordanian] dinars, a gift from the [PLO] Department of Refugee [Affairs].”

[Official PA TV, From the Refugee Camp, April 26, 2022]

This was filmed in the Khan Yunis refugee camp in the Gaza Strip

In another episode, Israel's Mount Meron was classified as “the highest mountain in Palestine.” Moreover, the area of “Palestine” was established as “27,000 sq. km.” The area of the West Bank and Gaza Strip combined is less than 7,000 sq. km. The figure 27,000 sq. km. is the area of all of Israel (without the Golan Heights) in addition to the West Bank and Gaza: 

Official PA TV host: “What is the highest mountain in Palestine?”
Youth: “Mount Meron (i.e., in northern Israel)…
Host: “Good job! You went to school for 10 years, but you still remember what you learned well. Correct answer…”
Host: “If you answer the question you will receive 20 [Jordanian] dinars, a gift from the [PLO] Department for Refugee Affairs. Are you ready?”
Youth: “Ready.”
Host: “What is the total area of Palestine?”
Youth: “27,000 meters.”
Host: “27,000 sq. km. (i.e., all of Israel)?”
Youth: “Yes…”
Host: “It looks like he is sure of his knowledge. What do you say, guys? Is his answer correct? Correct! Your answer is correct.”

[Official PA TV, From the Refugee Camp, April 17, 2022]

This was filmed in Nuseirat refugee camp in the Gaza Strip.

In yet another PA TV quiz, Israel's Sea of Galilee and Hula Lake in the north and the Red Sea in the south were all claimed to be among “the four seas in Palestine”: 

Official PA TV host: “Who can count four seas in Palestine, or four lakes?” …
Man: “The Sea of Galilee (i.e., in northern Israel).”
Host: “Correct.”
Man: “The Dead Sea.”
Host: “The Dead Sea. Two more…”
Man: “The Mediterranean Sea…”
Host: You know [the answer]? The Red Sea in southern Palestine (i.e., southern Israel), the Dead Sea, Hula Lake (i.e., northern Israel) that they dried up, and the Mediterranean Sea.”

[Official PA TV, Hit the Singer, April 9, 2022]

This was filmed in Tripoli, Lebanon.

PMW has exposed many such PA TV quizzes over the years, in which denying Israel's existence could be worth as much as $50 and even $100!

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