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Palestinian museum encourages rock throwing and intifada

Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |
  • Interactive exhibit lets visitors simulate intifada and rock throwing
  • British Council – who works closely with the UK government and whose patron is Queen Elizabeth – among founding donors of the museum
  • Museum is a Swiss-registered NGO

During a visit to The Palestinian Museum near Ramallah, a PA TV host tried her skills at virtual rock throwing.

At the museum visitors can participate in a number of interactive stories. One such story is about “the intifada” – the name given by Palestinians to their waves of violence and terror against Israel. Director of The Palestinian Museum’s Information and Communication Technology Unit Nasri Shtayyeh explained that in entering the interactive story, the visitor “needs to respond” to the “environment of intifada that could contain throwing rocks.” And indeed, the PA TV host is seen throwing virtual rocks in the broadcast:

Director of The Palestinian Museum’s Information and Communication Technology Unit Nasri Shtayyeh: “The user can choose one of these interactive stories. The first story is the intifada, and they have a kind of emotion, because the moment [the museum visitor] enters the story he needs to respond, since he is entering an environment of intifada that could contain throwing rocks, it could have road closures, it could have vehicles entering.” …

Official PA TV host: “Let’s try it.”

Nasri Shtayyeh: “It’s really nice, and it’s interactive.”

[Official PA TV, At the Museum, Aug. 24, 2022]

For years, Palestinian Media Watch has exposed Palestinian indoctrination to violence and terror to the world. The violence promoted includes deadly rock throwing at Israeli targets. One such example was a guide for children how to throw rocks published by Fatah, the movement headed by PA leader Mahmoud Abbas.

Now that The Palestinian Museum has been revealed as a partner to this by openly endorsing violence against Israel, any institution - be it public or private – supporting the museum should reconsider whether they want to continue giving a hand to terror promotion. 

The British Council is listed among the founding donors of the museum, and was supporting projects at the museum as late as 2021 (the “conservation for digitization” project) according to its website. The British Council states that “although we receive a government grant in aid, the British Council is operationally independent from the UK government.” However, they maintain close ties with the UK government, meeting annually with the Secretary for Foreign Affairs whose office also appoints a member for the British Council’s Board of Trustees (See screenshot below). Moreover, the British Council’s patron is HM Queen Elizabeth II:

[Website of British Council, “How we work with government” page,
accessed Sept. 1, 2022]

[Website of British Council, “About us” page,
accessed Sept. 1, 2022]

The Palestinian Museum is a “Swiss-registered non-governmental association with a branch in Palestine” and “an independent institution with no political affiliations,” according to its website. [Accessed Sept. 1, 2022]