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The PA’s inverted narrative: Terrorist stabber is poor youth whose “dream” to study at university was “murdered” by Israel

Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |

The following is a perfect example of how the PA changes facts, feeding an inverted, alternative narrative to the Palestinian population.


Reality: Fadi Ghattas was a 19-year-old Palestinian terrorist who stabbed and wounded a 19-year-old Israeli soldier next to Kiryat Arba near Hebron on Sept. 2, 2022. Another soldier at the scene shot and killed Ghattas, thereby ending the attack.


The PA’s inverted narrative: Fadi Ghattas was an innocent, poor Palestinian youth who was “murdered” by Israel together with “his dream of completing his university studies.”


The article below in the official PA daily conveniently left out the fact that Fadi Ghattas stabbed an Israeli soldier. Instead it portrays him as an innocent youth and diligent student targeted and “executed” by Israel for no reason. This omission serves the PA general narrative and libel, documented by Palestinian Media Watch, that Israel deliberately “executes” innocent young Palestinians:

Headline: “Martyr Fadi Ghattas – the occupation murdered him together with his dream”

“Palestine Ahliya University in Bethlehem is preparing to take in the new students for the 2022-2023 academic year in the coming days. But one of the students who recently registered will not come to the university, after the occupation murdered him and his dream of completing his university studies. Fadi Ghattas, age 19 (i.e., terrorist, stabbed and wounded 1)… ascended to Heaven as a Martyrafter the occupation’s soldiers executed him on Friday evening [Sept. 2, 2022]…

‘He prepared for studies at the university. He succeeded in the high school graduation exams last year, and he preferred to work to help his father with [paying] his university tuition. But the occupation murdered his dream of completing studies’ – thus said his mother while pointing at his picture on the tablet she held in her hand…

The bereaved mother noted her son’s traits: ‘He was quiet and beloved. Everyone in the refugee camp loves him. He never angered anyone. He loved sports, and he swam and laughed a lot.’ She said that she will accompany him to his wedding as a groom when she takes back his body from the occupation (i.e., Martyr's funeral is considered wedding to the 72 Virgins in Paradise in Islam).”

[Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Sept. 4, 2022]

In addition to stressing the PA libel that Israel targets children and youth, the report in the official PA daily also implicitly reinforces another false PA narrative documented by Palestinian Media Watch that Israel fabricates Palestinian terror attacks as a pretext for killing the alleged perpetrators.