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#SavePalestinianChildrenFromTheirLeaders - Share our new hashtag

Palestinian Media Watch has extensively documented and repeatedly exposed to the public and to world governments, that the PA is abusing the Palestinian children by indoctrinating them to actively seek death as a “Martyr” (Arabic: Shahid) while attacking Israelis and Jews.


The Arabic Shahada, translated as “Martyrdom”, literally means to die for Allah. By telling Palestinian children that terrorists - including teenagers who murdered Israeli civilians and were killed - are Shahids, the PA is teaching them that killing any Israeli, even civilians, is something Allah desires and is a fulfillment of something positive in Islam.


In the coming days, the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict Virginia Gamba is set to visit Israel. Every year the UN Secretary-General releases a “blacklist” of countries and bodies that breach the rights of children in the context of armed conflict. In his report for 2021, UN Secretary-General António Guterres expressed concern about the number of Palestinian children killed during that year, and while referring to Gaza, added a warning that if the situation did not improve, he would have no choice but to add Israel to the blacklist:

“During the May 2021 escalation of hostilities, there were substantial air strikes by the Israeli armed forces, resulting in a significant increase the number of cases of violence against children. So far this year, we have not witnessed a similar number of violations. However, should the situation repeat itself in 2022, without meaningful improvement, Israel should be listed. Israeli authorities are engaging with my Special Representative and the United Nations to prevent any more violations against children and adopt clear and time-bound commitments.”

[Children and armed conflict, Report of the Secretary-General, June 23, 2022]

Tragically for Palestinian children, the PA leaders seem to have identified the cautions of the UN Secretary-General as another opportunity to libel and defame Israel in the international arena, and have been very “successful” in sending Palestinian children to die.

Citing Palestinian parents’ testimonies, PMW has exposed a significant rise in Palestinian children who have been killed in 2022 while attacking Israelis for the purpose of dying as heroic “Martyrs”. See PMW Special Report: “How and why the PA kills its own children.” 

In order to raise global awareness of the PA’s abuse of Palestinian children, PMW is asking our followers and anyone who cares about the lives of Palestinian children to use the hashtag: #SavePalestinianChildrenFromTheirLeaders, whenever they respond on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. - to claims that blame Israel for the dead Palestinian children. We hope that using this hashtag to remind the world that it is the PA leaders themselves, and not Israel, who are responsible for all the dead Palestinian children.


Make sure to follow us on our social media - Twitter: @palwatch; Facebook: Palestinian Media Watch; Instagram: @palmediawatch - and to share and retweet PMW’s posts to expand PMW’s impact on social media.


The following are recent PMW posts that use this hashtag. Please share and retweet (images link to Instagram posts):


16-year-old #Palestinian #terrorist Ghaith Yamin, just hours before seeking “Martyrdom” - this is a victim of Palestinian Authority indoctrination.


This is how @fatehorg indoctrinates #Palestinian children. Full #report:

Abbas Zaki from @fatehorg - this is why #Palestinian #women are not the same as the others... #SavePalestinianChildrenFromTheirLeaders

@fatehorg, are you not ashamed that you steal your children's future? You educate #Palestinian children to #terror and use them as soldier-Martyrs. Where are @UNICEF @UNICEFpalestine and @EUpalestinians? #SavePalestinianChildrenFromTheirLeaders

We always do. PMW cares about the Palestinians, which is why we target the terror/Martyrdom inciting PA When nobody speaks up for Palestinians we do, which is exactly what we did here. No one in the PA spoke up for him so PMW did. #SavePalestinianChildrenFromTheirLeaders

While #Palestinian leaders live it up in plush hotels at #WorldCup2022, at home the PA/PLO tyrants continue to send the children of less fortunate families to kill and be killed. #SavePalestinianChildrenFromTheirLeaders


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