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PA to Israelis: “We are remaining here, [Israelis] go drink from the Sea”

Itamar Marcus  |

Today Israelis are remembering the country’s fallen soldiers and victims of Palestinian terror. Tonight at 8:00 PM as this day of remembrance ends, a day of celebration begins, marking Israel's Independence Day - Israel's 75th birthday.
Ignoring Israel's economic and military strength, the Palestinian Authority regularly reminds its people that it believes Israel has no right to exist and that all of Israel is “occupied Palestine” waiting to be liberated. A few days ago, official PA TV broadcast a short animated filler, which again leaves no doubt as to what the PA thinks of Israel and its goal for Israel's future.

The filler shows two Palestinian children running through the Old City of Jerusalem. On the stone wall is graffiti showing the PA map of “Palestine” that presents all of Israel as “Palestine” in the colors of the Palestinian flag. Around the PA map is written: “We are remaining here, [Israelis] go drink from the [Mediterranean] Sea” and on the wall in the bottom right corner is written: “We won’t leave.” On the wall to the left is graffiti of a masked man holding a slingshot. The short animation ends with the text: “Palestine unites us.” [Official PA TV, April 20, 2023]


There are no surprises here. Palestinian Media Watch has documented for decades that the PA vision for the future is that “Palestine” should stretch from “the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea” and that Israel should cease to exist. The PA map seen in the filler erases all of Israel, covering the whole area in the Palestinian flag, indicating future Palestinian sovereignty over all of Israel. 

PMW has documented that the PA uses this map in all contexts. It appears in schoolbooks, on the walls in the offices of PA and Fatah officials, it is painted on school walls and posters, it adorns awards and plaques, and is taught to kids in summer camps.