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"The victory of Allah will come… in spite of the infidels” - PA Ministry of Religion’s instructions for mosque preachers

Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |

Every week, the PA Ministry of Religious Affairs dictates talking points for all PA mosque preachers for the upcoming Friday sermon through a sheet of instructions. As Palestinian Media Watch has exposed, the preachers can’t freely choose their own subjects.

A recent example is the letter above. It instructs preachers to teach worshippers that “Almighty Allah” will be victorious and “send His light in spite of the infidels.” The word “infidels” of course refers to the Jews in “Palestine” – which according to the PA includes all of the State of Israel:

“Through faith, piety, endurance, and carrying out Ribat, the victory of Almighty Allah will come and will stabilize our legs, Allah will send His light in spite of the infidels.

[PA Ministry of Religious Affairs, Facebook page, June 4, 2023]

The PA preachers are also to praise worshippers for “their defense of the religion, and the homeland”:

“The resolve of those carrying out Ribat (i.e., religious conflict over land claimed to be Islamic) on the holy land at the front line and their defense of the religion, the land, and the homeland, embody the most magnificent acts of heroism and sacrifice.”

This “defense” is said to “embody the most magnificent acts of heroism and sacrifice” - needless to say, this implies acts of violence and terror for which terrorists “sacrificed” themselves, either as prisoners in Israeli jails or as “Martyrs” who died while attacking Israelis.

In the past, PMW has documented that the PA Ministry of Religious Affairs has instructed preachers to praise a murderer as a “hero” and glorify “Martyrdom-death.” It has also beseeched them to teach that “nothing harms Palestine… more than making an alliance with the Jews, and that obedience to the Jews… will lead to humiliation and shame.”

While the PA and Abbas’ Fatah Movement successfully present themselves to the West as moderate and secular, their internal messaging contains extremist religious positions and exhibits shared “values” with terror organization Hamas.