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Palestinian-American enters Israel and expresses support for terrorists

Itamar Marcus  |


Palestinian terrorists are “freedom fighters”

Israel’ killing terrorists is “assassination”

As a condition for Israel to join America’s Visa Waiver Program, the United States demanded that Israel allow Palestinians with American citizenship to fly directly from the US to Israel's Ben Gurion Airport. Israel has been concerned for many years that Palestinian terror supporters or terrorists could enter Israel more easily this way.


As soon as Israel changed its policy, one of the first Palestinians to enter Israel on his American passport, Mazen Khalil, immediately gave an interview in which he expressed support for terrorists. Speaking to official PA TV, he explained that he sees Palestinian terrorists as “freedom fighters.” On the other hand, Israel's tracking down and killing terrorists who are responsible for numerous terror attacks and murders of Israelis, he considers “assassinations”: 

Palestinian-American citizen Mazen Khalil: “If a person carried out an operation (i.e., terror attack) [the Americans] need to think why. Think about the assassinations (i.e., Israel's killing terrorists) in Nablus.  [The Israelis] are going and searching for young people and killing them. Of course, you can’t keep quiet.  I always say, according to your viewpoint as an American you can call my compatriot a terrorist, but I think he is a freedom fighter, that’s how we see it.”

[Official PA TV, Personal Encounter, July 27, 2023]


Palestinian Media Watch continuously exposes that violence and terror is integral part of the PA’s policy toward Israel.