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Terrorist brags he “killed 10 Jews with my own hands” in Hamas’ massacre, in call to parents

Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |
  • Terrorist calls his parents to livestream during his massacre of Jewish civilians

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“Hi dad, Your son killed Jews! … I killed 10! 10! 10 with my own hands, dad! Their blood is on my hands! Let me talk to mom.”


These unbelievable and shocking words were part of an excited phone call from a Palestinian terrorist to his parents during Hamas’ massacre on Israel on Oct. 7, 2023.


Calling from the phone of a Jewish woman after he had just murdered her and her husband and 8 other Israelis, the terrorist bragged to his parents about his horrific “achievement.” Screaming with delight, the terrorist murderer told his dad to open the Whatsapp application on his phone because he wanted to do “a livestream” from what later turned out to be the massacre of 1,400 Israelis in the south of Israel.


Stressing his religious motivation, the terrorist murderer said there was no turning back because he was born “for the sake of the religion” and for him it would be only “victory or Martyrdom” – i.e., death for Allah.


This supports what Palestinian Media Watch has exposed, that both Hamas and the PA see the conflict and the current war with Israel not as territorial but as a religious conflict for Allah in whose name they set out to murder Jews.


Fulfilling this “duty” to kill Jews “wherever they are” – the same religious motivation which made the PA instruct all mosque preachers to emphasize this duty to Palestinians last Friday – the terrorist murderer beamed: ”Mom, your son is a hero” and instructed his family to “lift your head up” in pride:

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Terrorist son: Hi dad, I’m talking to you from [Kibbutz] Mefalsim, open my WhatsApp and see all the killed people. Look how many I killed with my own hands! Your son killed Jews!

Father: Allahu Akbar! May Allah protect you.

Terrorist: Dad, I’m talking to you from a Jew’s phone, I killed her and killed her husband, with my own hands I killed 10!

Father: Allahu Akbar.

Terrorist: Dad, 10 with my own hands! Dad open WhatsApp and see how many I killed, dad… Dad, I’m inside Mefalsim, dad I killed 10! 10! 10 with my own hands, dad! Their blood is on my hands!  Honestly, 10 with my own hands.

Mother: May Allah bring you home safely.

Terrorist: Dad, go back to WhatsApp now. I want to give you a livestream.

Mother: I wish I was with you

Terrorist: Mom, your son is a hero. Kill, kill, kill! Kill them! …

Terrorist’s brother: Mahmoud, where are you?

Terrorist: I’m inside Mefalsim. I killed 10, Ala, 10 with my own hands! I’m talking to you from a Jew’s phone.

Terrorist’s brother, Ala: You killed 10?

Terrorist: Yes, I killed 10, by Allah… I was the first [to get in] by Allah’s grace and help. Lift your head up dad, lift your head.

Inside the [Jewish] town. See on WhatsApp the ones I killed!

Terrorist’s brother, Ala: Come back, that’s it, come back.

Terrorist: Come back? There’s no coming back! It’s victory or Martyrdom. My mother gave birth to me for the sake of the religion…

Terrorist’s sister: Open your phone?

Terrorist: Open my phone, see the killed people, how I killed them with my own hands!

 [Website of Israeli Army Spokesman, Oct. 24, 2023]

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