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Little girl tells the truth: Hamas is “underneath, in tunnels, and we – the victims who are dying – are civilians”

Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |
  • Civilian in Gaza about Hamas: They are “hiding among the people… Let [them] go hide in Hell”
  • Hamas terror leader admitted in 2021 that they hide their military bases among civilians “in multistory buildings and in residential buildings”

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“Children, the drunk, and the angry tell the truth,” goes the adage. This young Palestinian girl from Gaza certainly did so when she stressed the fact that members of the Hamas terror organization are hiding in tunnels, while they use civilians like her as human shields above ground: 

Al-Mayadeen TV reporter: “What do you say to the resistance? They say that you are resistance fighters. You are children and [the Israelis] are killing you, and they say to the world that you are resistance fighters. What do you say to the Palestinian resistance?”

Girl: “They put the Arabs in danger. They are underneath, in tunnels, and we – the victims who are dying – are civilians.”

Posted text: “A reporter of the [Al-Mayadeen TV] channel that is affiliated with Hezbollah and Iran attempts to get a response in favor of Hamas out of the girl, but she told him the truth.

[“Yalla The Good News,” X (Twitter) account, Nov. 11, 2023]

Another Gazan civilian expressed similar anger at Hamas and the other terror organizations in the Gaza Strip who “hide among the people”: 

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Palestinian man: “Regarding the resistance hiding among the people – why is it hiding among the people? Let it go hide in Hell.”

The reporter abruptly ends the interview and moves away from the Palestinian man:

Al-Jazeera TV reporter: “These are the testimonies from the civilians.”

[Karim Gahin, X (Twitter) account, Nov. 14, 2023]

The previous video shows a live broadcast from Al-Jazeera TV, in which an Al-Jazeera TV reporter is interviewing a Palestinian man in a hospital in the Gaza Strip. When the reporter heard the man criticizing “the resistance” – a Palestinian euphemism for terror and the terror organizations – he moved away from the man, who tried to follow him to continue the interview. Apparently, his message is not one Al-Jazeera wants to broadcast.

Palestinian Media Watch has exposed that Hamas as a matter of policy uses civilians as human shields – in this war and in previous ones. Even PA Chairman Abbas’ Fatah Movement has criticized Hamas for endangering civilians by storing live ammunition in popular markets.

Truth is also said to come from “the horse’s mouth” – an authoritative source – and indeed, none other than Hamas terror leader Yahya Al-Sinwar admitted in 2021 that Hamas does indeed place “military and security bases among civilian residents,” including in “multistory buildings and in residential buildings and the like”: 

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Hamas terror leader Yahya Al-Sinwar: Regarding the [Hamas] military and security bases that are located among civilian residents [in the Gaza Strip], this was a serious problem in the previous stages, and we and the resistance factions made efforts to carry out an operation of gradual movement and transfer of a large number of these bases from among the civilian residents, and we succeeded in carrying out a large portion of it. But there is still a portion that needs to be transferred, and Allah willing this operation will continue... We decided to transfer a large portion of the bases, especially those that are in multistory buildings and in residential buildings and the like.

[Al-Jazeera Live, YouTube channel, June 6, 2021]


Yahya Al-Sinwar - Palestinian terrorist and senior member of the Hamas terror organization. Al-Sinwar was involved in the kidnapping and murder of Israeli soldier Nachshon Wachsman in October 1994. Israeli soldier Nir Poraz was murdered during Israel's attempt to rescue Wachsman. Al-Sinwar was sentenced to 4 life sentences, but was released in the exchange deal for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit in 2011.

Hamas war on Israel October 2023 - At least 1,200 Israelis, including over 1,000 civilians, were murdered and over 4,800 wounded, in addition to approximately 244 who were abducted into the Gaza Strip (including 110 later released or liberated and at least 26 later killed), in a Hamas terror war that began when approximately 3,000 Hamas terrorists broke through Israel's security fence at the Gaza Strip border and launched a surprise attack, taking control of several Israeli towns and attacking a music festival on the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah, which fell on the Sabbath, Oct. 7, 2023. During the massacre the terrorists tortured, raped, shot, beheaded, and burned their victims alive, murdering entire families and leaving at least 21 children without parents. Hamas terrorists also fired at least 5,000 rockets at Israeli population centers. In response, Israel launched Operation Iron Swords to counter the Hamas terror threat. Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon joined Hamas' terror war starting from the following day, attacking Israel from the north. Occasional rocket launches and shootings continued from Lebanon throughout the war. A ceasefire and prisoner exchange deal began on Nov. 24, 2023, in which Israel agreed to release 150 terrorist prisoners, pause drone surveillance in the Gaza Strip, and allow movement between the northern and southern Gaza Strip, in return for 50 Israeli female and child hostages held by Hamas. The deal was subsequently extended with additional releases, until Hamas violated the agreement and resumed attacking on Dec. 1, 2023.

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