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Palestinians contradict Quran in order to deny Israel's right to exist

Ephraim Tepler  |

Rewriting Ancient History

  • Fatah official: “Goliath is none other than a Palestinian king and hero who fought…and defeated the Hebrews and sent them to the ‘trash can of history.'”
  • Quran: “They [Children of Israel] defeated them [Goliath’s army - ed.] by permission of Allah, and David killed Goliath.”

Rewriting Recent History

  • Fatah official: “…in Hebron. They always claim that we slaughtered them. We didn’t slaughter them, not at all.”
  • Historical fact: 65 Jews were brutally murdered in one day in 1929 by Arabs in Hebron.


The Palestinians are so obsessed with denying Israel's right to exist that they are even willing to contradict the Quran to force history to conform to their worldview.


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A Fatah official and former president of Al-Quds Open University, contradicting the Quran which writes “David killed Goliath,” claimed that Goliath was a Palestinian and that he “defeated the Hebrews,” who went “in the trash can of history.”


Younes Amr, Fatah Revolutionary Council member and former president of Al-Quds Open University:

“Through the unity of our Canaanite Arab ancestors against all the invaders who came to our land – there were among them those who triumphed and ruled here, and there were those who were defeated, left, and moved to the trash can of history, and foremost among them the Hebrews. Goliath is none other than a Palestinian king and hero who fought the Hebrews, and our Palestinian ancestors prevented the Hebrews from reaching the coasts…”

[Official PA TV, Jan. 31, 2024]

As stated, Amr blatantly contradicts the Quran, which states:

“[King] Saul went forth with the soldiers… to [face] Goliath and his soldiers, they said, ‘Our Lord… give us victory over the disbelieving people.’ So they defeated them by permission of Allah, and David killed Goliath.” 

[Saheeh International translation, Quran, 2:249-251]

With this historical revision, Amr is trying to disconnect the indigenous Jewish people of the Bible from their descendants who are today’s modern Israelis. The Palestinian Authority teaches its people that the Hebrews of the Bible were all destroyed, and today’s Jews and Israelis are descendants of a Khazar tribe that converted to Judaism. They argue that Jews today therefore are only a religion with no connection to the Biblical nation of Israel and no national rights to the land of Israel. This is why Amr is teaching that the biblical Hebrews ended up in the "trash can of history."

However, Amr does not suffice with a revision of ancient history. He also seeks to revise more recent history. He continued:

“The best period in their [Jewish] history, they lived under Muslim Arab rule in Spain, Egypt, Baghdad, Syria, and Palestine, even here, even in Hebron. They always claim that we slaughtered them [in Hebron]. We didn’t slaughter them, not at all.”

                                                                                    [Official PA TV, Jan. 31, 2024]

While there were periods of time in which Jews were given freedom in Muslim countries, this romanticized vision of Jewish history is false, just like the claim that Jews were not massacred in Hebron is a lie. In fact, Arabs brutally murdered 65 Jews in just one day in the 1929 Hebron Massacre.



Palestinians are so desperate to deny Israel’s right to exist and to remove Jewish presence from the Land of Israel that they will even contradict their own holiest source, the Quran. A prominent Fatah official claimed that Goliath was a Palestinian king who defeated the Hebrews, when the Quran itself states that the Hebrews defeated Goliath’s soldiers and that David killed Goliath. Is this former head of a Palestinian university just ignorant or is he intentionally denying a verse in the Quran for political purposes?

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