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PA libel: Israel poisoning wells, murdering prisoners, and stealing body parts

Itamar Marcus and Ephraim D. Tepler  |
  • Official PA TV: Rabbis permit poisoning water wells
  • Senior PA official: “Martyrs and prisoner Martyrs’ skins and organs are being stolen”

The PA continues to promote hatred of Israelis by demonizing them through vicious libels.

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An official PA TV reporter in Nablus asserted that there are rabbis “who permit poisoning water wells.” [Official PA TV, March 20, 2024]

Similarly, a senior PA official reiterated the frequent libel of Israel that it is stealing Palestinian body parts.

“Director of [PLO] Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs Qadura Fares… wondered what would happen if the international community knew how the occupation (i.e., Israel) is killing our prisoners, and how the Israeli civil institutions and government ministries are serving the occupation’s fascism by carrying out its demands and plans, and also how the Martyrs and prisoner Martyrs’ skins and organs are being stolen.”

[Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, March 1, 2024]

These statements are just the latest in a vast system of either overt lies or distortions of facts that the PA consistently perpetuates through its media channels or its most senior officials.

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