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Palestinian Authority will pay more to today’s Martyr for slaying than it will to October 7 terrorists

Ephraim D. Tepler and Itamar Marcus  |

An Israeli Arab stabbed two Israelis today in the city of Karmiel, murdering one and seriously wounding another. The PA rewards the families of Palestinian terrorists who are killed while perpetrating their crimes with a 6,000-shekel one-time reward and 1,400 shekels monthly for life. Since the terrorist who committed the attack today was an Israeli Arab, the PA will provide his family with that amount plus 21% for a total of 1,700 shekels a month for life.

Palestinian Media Watch exposed the Pay-for-Slay program in 2011, and the world has condemned it ever since, but PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has said (and PA television has broadcast) dozens of times that even if the PA has one penny left, it will continue to pay prisoners and Martyrs.

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