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Minimum wage in the PA set at 1,450 shekels a month

“The [PA] government has approved the recommendations of the Wages Committee to set the minimum wage in Palestine at 1,450 shekels a month, [and] the minimum wage for a day’s work as well as for people working one day not on a regular basis and the temporarily employed – at 65 shekels, and the minimum wage for one hour’s work at 8.5 shekels…”
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Note: According to Palestinian Authority law, prisoners serving more than 10 years receive a monthly salary from the PA of 6,000 shekels, (approx. $1,700), which is more than double the average monthly salary the PA pays to its civil servants of 2,882 shekels (approx. $790), or more than four times the minimum wage in the PA of 1,450 shekels (approx. $400).

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